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How to Remove Difficult Stains on Your Upholstery

May 22, 2024 | Upholstery Cleaning

How to Remove Difficult Stains on Your Upholstery

What are your couches and chairs for? A beautiful place to relax. Of course, they do more than that. They may be the place where you choose to eat or the place where your toddler runs after getting a cut or scrape. Because of that, stains happen frequently. Removing those stains can be difficult on your own, especially when the stain contains one of these four things:

Sweet, Sweet Chocolate

Chocolate loves to find its way into your upholstery. It can happen when you’re sipping on a nice hot chocolate, or even when you forget about the candy bar in your pocket. The dark color of chocolate can easily show up on lighter fabrics, and the combination of protein, fat, and sugar in chocolate can make it difficult to remove with water alone. The key to success will be with your timing. Dabbing at the stain as soon as it happens gives you the best shot at removing, and hitting it with a little Chem-Dry Spot Remover may help as well. However if you’re too late and the stain is setting, it might be time to call in the team here at Chem-Dry of Riverside. We know how to remove chocolate stains from upholstery.

Icky, Sticky Blood

Typically a problem when kids, or an accident prone adult or two, are in the house. Blood stains can be difficult to remove due to the protein in blood and the bright color. However, our experienced team knows how to effectively tackle this type of stain. Just worry about taking care of the injury and leave the stain to us. 

Delicious Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce stains are tricky because the sauce has a lot of oil and grease which is hard enough to remove on their own, but now you’re going to throw in that bright red tomato color. But you don’t have to stop eating your favorite Italian dishes, or just turn the cushion over. The upholstery cleaners here at Chem-Dry of Riverside are ready to help you out. 

Decadent Red Wine

Spilling some red whine on a white couch is a very common thing to do. For as common as a red wine stain is, they are still very difficult to remove. So does that mean you can’t host the next dinner party? Of course not! The team here at Chem-Dry has helped plenty of homeowners remove red wine stains from their chairs and other upholstery. And no, contrary to popular belief we don’t just pour white wine on the stain. Our specialty cleaning solution breaks down and removes the stain at the source to remove it for good. 

Don’t Damage it Further — Just call in Chem-Dry

Your gut check reaction will be throw random cleaning solutions onto the stain and scrub at it. However, more often than not this will only make the situation worse. Rubbing a stained area can actually push the pigment deeper into the fibers, making the stain more difficult to remove. Using the wrong product or method can also degrade the fabric and make the stain worse. Instead of trying to remove the stain yourself, it is best to leave it in the hands of the Chem-Dry experts. We have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively remove stains from various types of fabrics.

In addition to professional stain removal, we also offer upholstery protectant services. This proactive approach creates a protective barrier around the fibers of your upholstery, giving you more time to absorb any spills before they can cause a stain.

For stain removal and regular upholstery cleaning in the Riverside area, call in the team here at Chem-Dry of Riverside.

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