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The Best Way To Clean Carpet Stains in Riverside

Jul 8, 2024 | Carpet Cleaning

The Best Way To Clean Carpet Stains in Riverside

If your family is like most, your carpets have probably seen their fair share of spills, stains, and messes over the years. Nobody likes dealing with carpet stains, and sometimes, no matter how fast you try to clean up, some stains just start to set right away. But don’t worry—those stains don’t have to be permanent. The best solution is to call a professional carpet cleaner in Riverside, like Chem-Dry of Riverside. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to tackle stains that regular cleaning methods can’t handle.


What Makes Carpet Stains So Hard To Remove?

Carpet stains are a lot like clothing stains (and often caused by the same things). However, there’s one big difference: you can throw clothes in the washer. You can’t just soak your carpets to remove stains and then dry them like you do with clothes. Instead, you need a more careful approach to get stains out without soaking the carpet.

Another challenge with carpet stains is that they can easily spread. Rubbing a stain tends to move it from fiber to fiber. Using the wrong cleaning solution can also make the carpet dye bleed, creating even more issues.

Doing more than just blotting a stain with a clean white rag can cause more harm than good, which is why we don’t recommend DIY stain cleaning.


How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

Instead of trying to remove stains yourself, your best bet is to call the professionals. Our carpet cleaners in Riverside know how to remove stains without damaging your carpets or making things worse. Save yourself the time and hassle of DIY stain removal—just spend two minutes giving us a call!

At Chem-Dry of Riverside, we have two effective methods for removing spots and stains from carpets. The first is Chem-Dry’s exclusive Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process. This method uses a carbonated cleaning solution and low-moisture approach to lift dirt and soil from deep within carpet fibers and the backing. It’s highly effective at removing various stains, dirt, and grime that may appear as stains. Plus, since it doesn’t use detergent, there’s no risk of leaving a dirt-attracting residue behind on your carpet.

While our HCE process is incredibly powerful, some particularly stubborn stains need extra attention. That’s where our Specialty Stain Removal Service comes in. Using state-of-the-art tools and professional products tailored to the stain’s chemistry, we can tackle some of the toughest spots, including those from wine, blood, and pet urine. Because we can erase or minimize almost any carpet stain, our motto is, “If we can’t get it out, no one can!”


Save Your Carpet From Future Stains

Another advantage of choosing professional carpet cleaners in Riverside for stain removal is our ability to apply a stain protection treatment after cleaning. While most carpets come with a manufacturer-applied stain protectant that wears off over time, our additional protective coating offers extended protection. This safeguard allows you to tackle spills promptly before they penetrate the carpet fibers and turn into stubborn stains.


Learn More About Stain Removal From The Experts

If you’re not sure if you need a professional carpet cleaner to remove your stains, we’d be happy to talk with you! Our expert carpet cleaners in Riverside have seen just about every kind of stain you can imagine, and we’d be happy to share our knowledge with you and determine the best way to clean your carpets. Give Chem-Dry of Riverside a call at (951) 498-5696 today to talk! 


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